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Thailand and Australia  

Animated ying-yang
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certain pages are auto translated by Google (not accurate, something is better than nothing). 


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    Travel, Community and Business & Comedy
    We enjoy real life stories about people and culture(Aus in Thailand or Thai in Aus).
    Good articles will be copied to our Media (we give preference to articles written in both languages)
    Forum articles can include Photos, Slideshows, Videos. links and attachments such as PPS/PDF (attachments max 2mb per item).
    "I had no idea how interesting my simple story would be to people from another Country" ...
    ... come ON!!   write a short story, include a few Pics and see how many people read it.. don't be shy 

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    2010-08-30 added section to post events by date - please also submit details to the auswathai calendar


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